S&L Medien Gruppe

WestWing Online GmbH is a full-service agency for digital communication

Today the question is not just whether you reach target groups, but where they are situated and how you optimally address them there.

For the right mix we develop:

  • A highly attention-catching online presence from CMS-based portal to OnePager
  • Responsive views on all devices or separate mobile views
  • Optimized app prize-draws
  • Social content from individual 1:1 DigiClip to all reservable formats marketable in the social networks
  • Classic banner campaigns optimized to current marketer specifications
  • Customer retention measures and newsletters
  • And much more – main point: DIGITAL

Our clients are predominantly from the media and entertainment branches.

The managing directors of WestWing Online GmbH are Petra Baum and Wolf Vogel. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of S&L Medien Gruppe GmbH.

From first idea to detailed concept – we work together with you on the requirements of your online presence in relation to your target groups. We analyse the competition, assist you in the selection of the optimal technologies and plan campaigns to coincide with your launch.

Together with you, we determine the website structures and appropriate navigation menus, completing the conceptual phase with the development of a prototype with all the information necessary for implementation. Along the way we always work step-by-step in close coordination with you, ensuring that your ideas find their optimal multimedia realization.

Whether its localization, adaption or in-house development: we offer our clients the multimedia realization of websites, portals and thematic specials – and naturally also the parallel establishment of social media channels. In addition we devise online media campaigns in compliance with the latest state-of-the-art technologies and marketer specifications.

We are happy to undertake all hosting tasks on your behalf. This includes scalable and dynamic hosting (active server pages) with full control over the databank and server technology, the reservation of appropriate domains and search engine registration.

As well as standardized statistics we also produce detailed evaluations and recommendations for search engine optimization.